Caption contest: nothing easy about this rider

Sony Ericsson's booth at IFA this year includes an Xperia-themed chopper that you can sit on and have your picture taken -- with a Sony Ericsson cameraphone, of course. As of press time, no word on when it'll be updated to use unleaded gasoline.

Chris: "It'll be available at local dealers mere moments after you finally stop wanting it."
Nilay: "Unfortunately, it runs Android 1.6"
Darren: "A fine substitute for the PSP Phone you've been dreaming of."
Laura: "Fail hog."
Ross: "Still no pinch-to-zoom, but at least here, that kind of makes sense."
Don: "Mr. Stringer, your chariot awaits."
Vlad: "Sony just couldn't help throwing in a bit of product placement in its Terminator 2 remake."
Tim: "It's bigger, heavier, slower, and way more expensive than other models -- but hey, look at all that chrome! Oh, yeah, the bike isn't bad either."
Sean: "Active shutter glasses sold separately."
Thomas: "**Model shown is coming soon. Actual product is a horse."