Takara Tomy's toy camera shoots in 3D, costs as much as a grownup 2D camera

Sure, we can't all afford the $500 Fujifilm is charging for the Finepix Real 3D W3, but that's no reason to make a "toy" version of the thing and charge $70. Regardless, that's what Takaira Tomy has done, creating a tiny pink (or white) version that does the same basic thing but in a very basic way. Instead of dual 10 megapixel CCDs capable of shooting 720p video you get dual 0.3 megapixel sensors that can't shoot video with any p's at all. Pictures are recorded to SD and must be printed out before being spied through a fold-up viewer. Sure, playing with this could be fun for a little while, but for that price we'd rather just stick with two dimensions and get a basic but full-function compact instead.