Genius Ring Mouse slips around your finger, cues up Beyonce jams

Genius quietly introduced the Ring Mouse back at Computex, but little was said about the curious critter up until last week. Our pals over at Engadget Spanish managed some alone time with the device at IFA, and while we can't imagine any long-term mouse user being able to grasp this (mentally, not physically) without first overcoming a steep learning curve, those more accustomed to cellphone optical pads may be in good shape. Put simply, the ring has an optical trackpad ("Opto Touch Wheel") and an embedded 2.4GHz wireless model; wearers use their thumb to navigate the cursor, while miniature left / right click buttons do exactly what you'd expect. There's still nary a word on price, but here's hoping that we can wrap our hands -- er, something -- around this in the not-too-distant future.

P.S. - These guys are big, big fans.