OnStar expected to add Facebook updates and texting soon, might make some services free

Time waits for no infotainment system and GM's OnStar seems to be well aware of that fact. Plunging headfirst into the social world, the driver assistance service is said to be planning to start conveying Facebook status updates and text messages in an upcoming update, reputedly landing later this month. Text-to-speech translation will be done on incoming notes and voice-to-text is said to be undergoing testing for outgoing updates. So you can tell your friends you're free as a bird, born to run, rocking the highway, or whatever else, without ever having to speak to them directly or going to the effort of typing anything. The future sure is awesome. Oh, and it might not be all that expensive either, as we're also hearing that OnStar might make some services completely free to better compete with Ford's Sync.

Original image courtesy of merriewells (Flickr)