FeedFliks adds HD only filtering to its Watch Instantly search, bringing joy to lazy videophiles everywhere

For those who haven't heard of it, FeedFliks is a web-based tool that accesses Netflix's API to help obsessive subscribers get their "money's worth" from the movie service. Using the tool, visitors can view info related to their rental habits through easy to read charts and share their reviews with anyone on the web -- even if they aren't a Netflix subscriber -- for free. For an additional $8.99 per year, the site adds the ability for users to sync and manage multiple Netflix queues as well as set reminders to put those pesky envelopes back in the mail. Now the company has upgraded their search filtering system -- which is still technically in beta -- so videophiles can select that only HD Watch Instantly titles appear in their search results or easily view HD titles mixed in with other results via small blue HD icons. Best of all, using this refreshed search functionality doesn't cost a dime, so feel free to host all of the late night HD Netflix library search parties you want so long as we get invited. After all, with all the time we'll save looking for high-quality movies, what else are we going to do?