Google Walking Navigation beta and Street View now available for Android

Man, we're starting to think Google should just host an I/O event every month. As the search giant continues to roll out new innovations, today's introduction involves none other than Android. Starting today, folks with Android phones using version 1.6 or greater have a pair of must-downloads to tackle: Walking Navigation (Beta) and Street View smart navigation. The former is bundled into Google Maps for Mobile 4.5, offering pedestrians a more robust routing option when using their own two feet to maneuver from place to place. It's still in beta, obviously, but we're definitely digging the "vibrate to turn" alert and the map's ability to rotate with you as you turn the phone. Street View smart navigation is the same stuff you're used to seeing on a bona fide desktop browser, but tailor made for operation on your smartphone. Finally, the new Google Maps search bar will make it even easier to find places you're in need of finding, and if you need some visual stimulation while your downloads progress, hop on past the break and mash play.

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