Qik happy to work with FaceTime APIs; anticipates 75 million copies preloaded next year

What's new with Qik, the cross-platform video chat and sharing service that made a splash on Sprint's EVO 4G? Oh, not much -- just some plans to make sure the app is the most popular client around. Qik reps just told us the company's definitely planning to integrate FaceTime compatibility (sound familiar?) as soon as Apple rolls out those free APIs, and is presently engaged in deals to make sure Qik comes preloaded on devices from most every major carrier and handset manufacturer worldwide. Presently preloaded on the aforementioned EVO 4G, Epic 4G, Samsung Omnia II and Nokia's N97 and N97 mini, the app is estimated to come standard on a total of 75 million devices by the end of next year. How many of those phones (and tablets?) will have front-facing cameras is a question for another day.

Update: Qik pinged us today to let us know that FaceTime isn't a sure thing -- rather, they're just looking to take video sharing and calling to as many systems and platforms as they can, and they'll certainly look into FaceTime when Apple makes APIs available.