Trapped Chilean miners watch a little soccer via fiber optics

It turns out that being trapped in a mine in Chile is only one of the many problems associated with being trapped in a mine in Chile. The mental well-being of the victims looks to be just as important as the rescue mission itself: a small village of miners' family members has sprung up around the mine, offering moral support and preparing food to send down, and NASA psychologists have been offering their advice on the miners' sleep-wake cycles. A few PSPs made their way down the shaft as well. Today, they even got a soccer fix as they watched their team play the Ukraine via a projector lowered down to their safety chamber on a fiber optic cable (Chile lost 2 - 1). While we're not sure which heroic projector model descended 2,300 feet below the earth's surface, we're just happy that some tech could brighten these guys' day just a little bit -- especially considering they could be in there for up to four more months.

[Image credit: Location Scout's flickr]