Work on iOS 4.1 jailbreak continues

With iOS 4.1 still warm from its journey through the tubes, the jailbreaking community is already working its way inside. Chronic Dev Team member pod2g has discovered yet another bootrom-based exploit that would supposedly work across all iOS devices running the latest firmware. That means that the iPhone 4 and the shiny, new iPod touch are on the list.

The jailbreak isn't yet widely available, but with confirmations of initialsuccess in less that 24 hours, it shouldn't be long before this jailbreak is available to the masses. Redmond Pie notes that patching this exploit will require a revised hardware version with updated bootroms for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad and the iPod touches from Apple. In other words, a firmware update won't be adequate.

We'll let you know when the jail has actually been broken.

[Via Engadget]