Chris Cao talks mentors and progression in DC Universe

SOE's Chris Cao has checked in with Gamespot via a video interview that details several different aspects of the upcoming DC Universe Online superhero action MMORPG. Right off the bat, the goal is to immerse the players in the rich history of the license by choosing an established DC Comics superhero as a mentor during character creation. Meta-based heroes might follow Superman, for example, while tech-based players will initially look up to Bruce Wayne's caped crusader alter-ego.

Cao also talks a bit about the game's progression. Every even level you'll advance your powers, first by choosing a base power like fire and then expanding on it as you level. Initially you'll be setting people on fire, then detonating anything that's on fire, followed by the ability to spread fire. "Every other level you'll get to choose more of those types of abilities," Cao says. Every odd level you'll choose skills, which are based on your weapon or your movement style. Skills basically give you combos, whereas powers give you the iconic, superhero-ish abilities you've come to expect in a comic-inspired game.

Check out the video, and the extensive gameplay footage, after the cut.