Lenovo Power Hub stuffs four powered USB ports into your laptop charger

There's really no better way to say it: the item you're peering at above is genius. Lenovo's Power Hub is a sight for sore eyes, and a product innovation we've needed for decades. Put simply, this ThinkPad charger (compatible with 90W and 65W machines) has a breakout USB cable that plugs into a single USB socket on your machine; from there, you can plug four USB devices directly into the power brick. At long last, laptop users can charge / sync their phone, their iPod and their MiFi all at once -- and yeah, that last port is most definitely reserved for your treasured Hello Kitty warming blanket. There's no word on if (or when) Lenovo will start bundling these chargers with their machines, but at least this thing is more than a concept -- it's available to order right now from the source link at $74.99. So much for counting that ultraportable out due to having "only" one or two USB ports, eh? %Gallery-101890%