YouTube Instant delivers your gratification even more quickly

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|09.10.10

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YouTube Instant delivers your gratification even more quickly
Waiting for search results is so last week. Google Instant changed all that, suggesting results as you type, and now Stanford comp sci student Feross Aboukhadijeh has brought the same idea to another property of the Googs: YouTube. It's a pretty simple thing; just start typing and it starts playing videos. You have no control over resolution, even playing and pausing are asking too much, but who has time to worry about minor details? Click on through to check it out, and know that typing "Engadget" will take you back to a time when our resident thrillseeker Paul Miller was taken on a magical ride through the snow-swept streets of New York City.

Update: Well, it was instant. Looks like the extra traffic is turning this into YouTube "Just a Moment, Please."

Update 2: And we're Instant again! Feross re-wrote the site to stop some throttling that was happening on the YouTubes. Just in time to help pass the rest of the afternoon.
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