LG's THX-certified PX950 3D plasma TV eyes-on

LG is touting its plasma PX950 as the first THX-certified 3D HDTV, and while we didn't run into it at IFA, the company held a press gathering this week in New York to make up for it. So if this set meets THX's rigorous demands -- 400 bench tests and 1,000 data points spread out over 30 test categories -- how does it look to the average consumer? Well, LG certainly has done a lot to prevent ghosting -- that is, image doubling from sync issues with the glasses -- and we were able to enjoy some pretty extreme horizontal viewing angles. What did bother us, however, was the 600Hz sub-field refresh rate; though not an issue with slower-moving footage (a camera-loving fish from "Under the Sea" comes to mind), any quick movement felt jarring to our vision. Can't say for sure if it was the content or the display, but we'd like to presume LG would showcase with only the top-notch visuals. The tech is still young, but when you're asking $200 to $300 more over the 2D equivalent (and that's before having to pick up the requisite glasses separately), the benefit of 3D still isn't quite as prevalent to us yet. %Gallery-101892%