Nikon 70-200mm Thermos bottle is far cheaper, less useful than the real thing

We failed to mention when Canon's own 70-200mm lens got turned into a Thermos bottle a few months back, but now that both Canon and Nikon have a new one to pour out... well, we just couldn't resist. Canon Mugs has introduced a Nikon version of the 70-200mm Thermos (as in, a super rugged version of the older guy), with this Nikkor-flavored model ($69.99) being vacuum insulated and featuring an easy pour stopper, heavy duty handle and rust-proof finish. Better still, it serves as a legitimate weapon as you try to beat down whoever should decide to swipe your real 70-200mm. Nikonians can expect theirs to ship over the next couple of weeks, while the Canon version (also linked below) is moving out now for $45.99.