Sunday Morning Funnies: Don't smile anymore

Comic news:

Kelly Aarons of WoW, eh? drew a comic about her time at PAX 2010, and Silkspinner of Complex Actions drew a blog post/comic about her experience as a canary. Glad you're okay, Silk! Guilded Age has started its 7th chapter, and we even have a bonus comic this week from Working Daze.

New to the list:

  • Blood and Thunder! Let's start with the first one, and next week I'll begin posting the latest.

  • Kuo: I'm Just Here to Dance! SMF used to feature Kuo, before it went on a hiatus. Thanks for the tip that it is posting again, Coffinshaker! Also check out Keen.

  • Check out Arena-Inside, from the beginning.


Last week's featured comment: lazymangaka said, "These comics always make me want to start my own WoW comic."%Gallery-98595%