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Nokia C6-01 first hands-on

So the C7 might be the sexiest Symbian^3 device... but the C6-01, well, it just may be the cutest. Just all depends on what you're looking for (and how much you're willing to spend), you know? Like the C7, we had a little difficulty getting screen swipes to register while trying to change home screens, but considering that the top of the bezel had the very prototypish "C0" mystery name badge, we're more than happy to cut it a little slack. Having come directly from the C7, it's a little tricky to be comfortable with the smaller display -- not to mention the thicker body -- and the back definitely tends toward the cheap side with matte hard plastic, but again, this is clearly designed to be a budget device. And hey, how many budget smartphones can you think of with AMOLED displays that have extreme black levels? Check out the gallery for a few shots.