Zeitgeist attendees comped with Google TV gift bag: Sony Blu-ray player, Dish Network and free installs

We suppose one way around Google TV's initial reliance on IR blasters to communicate with some set-top boxes is to just give away everything necessary for a good experience -- Sony HDTV, Google TV (it's unclear whether the first two are separate or one item), six months of Dish Network service and a free installation from Best Buy's Geek Squad -- which, according to AllThingsD, is exactly what the 600 attendees of today's Google Zeitgeist event received. That even the great minds of our time presumably require a custom installation just to get everything going may not be a great initial sign for the product, but as the post points out, Aaron Sorkin probably isn't used to plugging in his own HDMI cables anyway. With those 600 units in the wild and a retail release presumably around the corner, we should see some first hand reports leaking out just about any time now.

Update: Search Engine Land reports users actually received 3 months of complementary service from Dish and a Google TV-equipped Blu-ray player from Sony, not a an HDTV -- which certainly makes more sense than suddenly tossing new flatscreens into random households.