Did iOS 4.1 introduce in-car USB playback problems for you?

As with almost any software update, Apple has seemingly introduced a few new issues while ironing out a couple of others. Automotive forums around the web are ablaze with talk that iOS 4.1 has introduced any number of playback problems, with the bulk of complainers citing scratching, crackling or random disconnects when piping audio from their device to their vehicle via the dock connector. We've tested two iOS 4.1-equipped iPhone 4 handsets in two separate vehicles here at Engadget HQ, and we saw no quirks whatsoever, but we've no doubt that the issue is real to some extent. Prior firmwares have caused permanent incompatibilities between our iPods and vehicles before, and we're about at our wit's end. We know it's impossible for the software engineers at Cupertino to test new builds on every car adapter out there, but we're starting to wonder if they bother to plug 'em into any vehicles at all. Tell us below if you've pulled any hairs out in recent days, won't you?

[Image courtesy of Murphy5156 / TiPb]