HTC's Media Link provides the wireless DLNA support your phone and TV crave, coming Q4 2010

In our excitement over HTC's announcements this morning (that'd be Desire Z, Desire HD, and Sense enhancements, in case you missed it), we missed one other nugget of good news. The HTC Media Link wireless DLNA streaming adapter does exactly what you'd expect from a name like that -- namely, it's a box that allows you to stream media (photos, audio, video up to 720p) to TVs that don't natively have DLNA support. The pic above shows off what appears to be micro-USB and mini-HDMI ports. According to SlashGear, it's due out in Q4 this year, but price is still TBA.

Update: Looks like the Media Link will go by "Tube," or so says this specifications list. Thanks, Michael!