Internet Explorer 9 Beta seeing public release later today (update: it's out!)

We all knew today was the day, but just in case you've been zoned out in Kauai the past few weeks, Microsoft's getting set to release its refreshed build of Internet Explorer to the general public today. IE9 Beta is said to be a beta that's essentially done, so you shouldn't have too much to fear when the download links go live later today. The crew at Redmond claims that it's far more compliant with HTML5, CSS3 and SVG2 standards, and that it's the only game in town with full hardware acceleration. Keep an eye on that source link for a shot at downloading your copy later today, and if you're terrified of offending your existing Firefox or Chrome installation, we'll do you one better -- our own in-depth review will be going live in a matter of hours.

Update: It's out! Check out our review if you're still feeling antsy.