Verizon gearing up for Android V Cast App store?

We're guessing Verizon has been pretty happy with the results of its V Cast App store for BlackBerry, as it looks like the carrier's now accepting submissions in the Android category for software that'll propagate its eventual marketplace on that mobile platform. According to a purported letter obtained by Android and Me, Big Red has been sending out letters to developers extolling the virtues of using its store in lieu of Google's: no testing fee, 14-day turnaround, carrier billing (with the promise of an eventual subscription billing option), 70 / 30 split favoring the developer, etc. Froyo is the flavor of choice, and the only version of Android that'll be supported from the onset -- so that includes both flagship Droids, Droid Incredible, and Droid X. Verizon's Developer Community Conference is the end of this month (21st and 22nd, to be exact), and we imagine the skinny will be gotten by then.

[Thanks, Ryan]