Microsoft demoes Twitter and Netflix apps for Windows Phone 7, releases final dev tools

Coming this holiday season to a Windows Phone 7 phone near you: Twitter, Netflix, Flixster, OpenTable, and Travelocity apps. The adroit coders behind those slices of software have managed to put together enough eye candy for Microsoft to highlight them as part of its announcement that the WP7 developer tools have been finalized. It doesn't sound like anything dramatic has changed from the beta -- which seems fitting given how close to the actual launch we now are -- but a new Bing Maps Control SDK has been issued, allowing access to a cornucopia of map-related coding opportunities. We're sure you're just over the moon about that. Go past the break for a couple of Microsoft's demo vids as well as a little Seesmic teaser or click the source for more.

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Today marks the release of the final Windows Phone 7 developer tools, which enable developers to create beautiful Windows Phone 7 apps that take advantage of the phone's new application platform, unique features and capabilities. Final tools allow developer to complete projects in preparation for the opening of Windows Phone Marketplace to app and game submissions in early October, as well as delivering several highly anticipated new features including; an update emulator based on RTM Windows Phone code, a panorama control, a pivot control and a Bing Map control. Microsoft is also pleased to announce that Twitter, Netflix, OpenTable, Travelocity, and Flixster apps are coming to Windows Phone 7 this holiday season. For more information on today's news and to see the apps announced, check out Brandon Watson, director, Windows Phone's blog post.

In addition to making the final Windows Phone Developer Tools available today, Microsoft Bing Maps and Microsoft Advertising have introduced new resources to help developers maximize their profit from their Windows Phone 7 apps and to heighten the end-user experience.

- With the Mobile Advertising SDK for Windows Phone 7, the Microsoft Ad team launched the industry's first real-time, bidded mobile ad exchange. These resources make it easy for developers to generate ad based revenue by both simplifying the process for including ads in an app and creating a network to bid on mobile inventory at the exact moment when an impression is served.

- Bing Maps, the default mapping service on Windows Phone 7, is fully integrated into the Windows Phone 7 Developer Toolkit with the Bing Maps Control SDK, making it simpler and free for developers to build Bing mobile mapping applications.