Up to 30 minutes of free WiFi a month coming to NYC parks, New Yorkers scoff at the idea of spending 30 minutes outside

Free WiFi is one of those things that can only improve a location, so we're sure everyone will be pleased to hear that Time Warner Cable and Cablevision have teamed up and agreed to put $10 million into providing free WiFi in 32 New York City parks (as part of the city's 10-year renewal deal with the cable providers). The deal isn't without severe limits, though, as it will offer anyone up to three, 10-minute sessions of access per month, for a total of 30 minutes. After that limit is reached, there will be a charge of 99 cents per day to use the WiFi -- which sounds pretty reasonable to us. The plan is coming under a lot of scrutiny already, including some questions as to how the city (and the cable providers) plan to track each citizen using the WiFi, but we have a feeling they'll figure it out by the time the scheme officially launches, and we still don't know when that will be.