Final Fantasy XIV wireless router sure to make the next 14,000 hours of your life zip by

Our first impulse when we spotted this abstractly formed Final Fantasy XIV-branded 802.11n router on the TGS show floor was that Planex Communications was some sort of rogue IP-infringing KIRFufacturer. It turns out that's not the case. Planex Communications is a totally upstanding manufacturer of all things networking and Japanese-video-games-branded, and the fact that this ¥9,980 (about $116 US) router was located a few feet from Square Enix's own booth should quell any other misgivings. Now, as for misgivings about dedicating the majority of your life over the next couple years to another treadmill of XP, loot, and Moogles, those are in your hands. %Gallery-102486%