Sky 3D enlists Stephen Fry to explain the technology ahead of its October 1 launch (video)

With the official launch of Sky 3D to UK home viewers just days away, the broadcaster's bringing in the big guns. Sure, we've tried explaining the latest in 3D technology ourselves, but it requires a special touch to claim to have invented 3D and still come off as infallibly polite at the same time. For that, you need a professional, and who better than Stephen Fry? If you weren't first in line at the shoppes to buy a 3DTV this video probably won't turn you into a believer right away -- checking in to your local pub for a pint and a Premier League game is a more effective route -- but it's an entertaining preview all the same. The video is embedded after the break and in case this alarm clock showing up on the site, twice, wasn't enough of a clue, we'll feature nearly anything with Stephen Fry involved, especially when he kicks it off by saying "Hello, Engadget."

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Technology lover Stephen Fry simplifies the world of 3D!

Are you 3D ready? Do you know your anaglyph 3D from your 'active' and 'passive' 3D TV? Have we lost you already? Fear not, help is at hand as Sky joins forces with self-confessed technophile Stephen Fry to explain everything you need to know about 3D television ahead of the launch of Europe's first 3D channel to millions of Sky homes on Friday 1st October. 'Stephen Fry's guide to 3D TV' is available to watch on, and Sky Anytime from Friday 17th September.

Avoiding overly complicated explanations or mind-boggling techie terms, Stephen Fry's simple and straightforward guide communicates the essential information everyone needs to know about 3D TV. The humorous three minute video guide brings clarity to the 3D myths of yesteryear, simplicity to the science behind 3D technology and explains how to make sure homes across the UK can be 3D ready.

Stephen Fry comments: "2010 has been a triumphant year for new and innovative technological developments, which is great news for all of us, not just technophiles like myself. 3D TV in the home is going to be the next exciting chapter in television history when the Sky 3D channel launches on October 1st and I'm delighted to be able to offer a little clarity on the subject."
Sky 3D, Sky's groundbreaking new 3D channel will offer an exciting line-up of movies, documentaries and live sports. It will be available to Sky customers who have a Sky+HD box and a 3D Ready TV. Better still, existing Sky+HD customers don't need newfangled devices or extra remote controls for it – it all works off their current set-top box.

Brian Lenz, Sky's Director of TV Product Development comments: "The way we view TV in the home will soon be transformed with the introduction of Sky 3D. Stephen's guide is a great, simple 'one-stop' video that will help provide some clarity around 3D television and show viewers how simple it is to become 3D ready".

Sky's 'Stephen Fry's 3D TV' guide will available to view on, and on Sky Anytime from 17th September 2010; ahead of the Sky 3D Channel launch on 1st October 2010.

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