BT offering British broadband users free fiber upgrade -- when the rollout reaches them

Well now, isn't this nice? British Telecom has come out with a sweet and loving promise to subscribers who partake in its current broadband and landline telephony bundles -- stick with us, says BT, and we'll upgrade you to our fiber (or fibre, as the Brits call it) optic network free of charge. Of course, this wouldn't be BT if there weren't some gnarly details to the bargain, which include 40GB a month usage limits and £25 setup fees for users on the cheapest monthly bundles. Still, at least the upgrade to 40Mbit is something to look forward to and BT's saying you won't have to pay any additional levies for it on a monthly basis. See its press release after the break or check out the map below to see when the rollout might be hitting your particular corner of the Queen's home isles.

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BT bundle customers get fibre upgrade

BT Retail upped the ante in the broadband market today by announcing that customers who take a bundle of broadband and calls 1 will be offered the chance to upgrade to BT Infinity, the company's fibre broadband service, for no extra monthly cost when fibre becomes available in their area.

BT Infinity delivers some of the fastest speeds available in the UK with downstream speeds of up to 40Mb, while its upstream speeds of up to 10Mb are significantly faster than those offered over Virgin's network.

The offer will see customers enjoy superfast speeds from just £7.49 a month for the first three months and then £17.99 a month. This compares with £28 a month (£15 for the first three months) for the 50Mb service from Virgin Media.

As an added incentive to new customers, BT is now offering free line connection for those who take a phone and broadband or phone, broadband and TV bundle. This will give customers choosing BT significant savings compared to other companies, for example, Sky charge £39 for new line installation and TalkTalk charge £69.99.

John Petter, managing director of BT's Consumer division, said: "Fibre is the future of broadband and BT is raising the speed and standard for customers nationwide. BT Infinity is head and shoulders above other services when it comes to value. We are the only company offering you an upgrade to fibre for no extra monthly cost and the only company to offer free line installation across all new bundles."

BT Infinity transforms consumer experience of the internet, benefiting all internet users. Households with multiple computers and internet devices can enjoy simultaneous use of services such as HD catch-up TV, social networking and the sharing of photos or films.

The faster service benefits those who log-on for entertainment services, offering high-quality streaming of popular video content from iPlayer and YouTube and downloads up to seven times faster on iTunes. Online gaming can be up to 30 per cent faster, giving gamers a real advantage over the competition.

BT is rolling out fibre broadband to two thirds of UK premises by 2015 and is making significant progress with its rollout, which is one of the fastest deployments in the world with the company making the service available to the equivalent of the number of premises in Singapore every quarter.