MakerBot's Automated Build Platform enables handsfree, multi-part 3D printing

Currently, 3D printers require users to remove a finished object, clean things up and input more commands before it starts building something from nothing a second time around. At least, the "affordable" ones do. But our pals over at MakerBot Industries have a far better idea, and if we didn't know any better, we'd say this type of problem solving would get the ever-desired thumbs-up from one Anthony Sullivan. Put simply, the Automated Build Platform works with your existing 3D printer, and thanks to its mighty conveyor belt action, it wipes away completed objects, clears the boogers off the nozzle, resets itself and prints again. It's up for order right now for $160, but you should probably check out the (admittedly enticing) video after the break before deciding if it's right for you. Oh, and if you're too lazy to click through, chances are it is.

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