Sunday Morning Funnies: Lions and tigers and dragons

Comic news: Fyreuni announced that "Daily Quests is on hold while I work on Emergency Kindergarten Lesson 2!" I am definitely a little disappointed, but I think the project will be worth it.

Tokkar was also kind enough to point out that Shawn Tommelleo of Coffin Comics has a new project called What's Shakin' that Tommelleo (aka Coffinshaker) described as not set in "WoWland," but it does feature the same characters. Sorry I missed it; the end of August and beginning of September were very hectic!

To answer tr_rrr, Cru the Dwarf and other comics that do not update very often will not necessarily show up on the list as soon as they update, because I don't have the time to check every comic that ever posts something WoW-related each week. I rely on tips and comments and my own whims to learn about them. This is also why Kuo was only added again last week, for example. Thanks for tipping me off that it has updated, though!

The comics!

Last week's featured comment: This was a tough one! Ultimately, I had to go with Kidsake's comment.

Oh, curse these hands with their non-drawing abilities!
This column always makes my Sundays happier, shinier and sunnier. It also makes me wish I could draw. =]
Keep up the great work, you artistic folks! I enjoy the inspiration and LOLs.
*goes back to his oft-delayed new machinima*

Bonus comic: Coffin Comics' It's Called a Road, It's Called a Rainbow Road. It's not WoW-related but it totally has to be posted.