HTC director confirms Windows Phone 7 phones launching next month

It's unclear whether the dude was speaking out of turn, but an HTC regional director responsible for North Africa and the Middle East has gone on record with gulfnews saying on no uncertain terms that the company "will be launching Windows Phone 7 handsets next month." Of course, that lines up nicely with just about everything we've been hearing lately -- not to mention the torrent of HTC-specific leaks we've seen -- and if true, it gives Microsoft a pretty generous buffer ahead of its holiday 2010 guidance for the platform's commercial release. He goes on to say that HTC will be releasing "around five more models by end of the year," though it's not clear how that mix will fall between Android, Windows Phone 7, and possibly even Brew MP; the Desire HD and Desire Z seem like a nice way to close out the year on the Android side of things if you ask us, which leaves plenty of room for awesome WinPho hardware. Sliding landscape loudspeakers, anyone?