HTC Trophy with Windows Phone 7 caught in the wild?

Ross Miller
R. Miller|09.22.10

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HTC Trophy with Windows Phone 7 caught in the wild?
HTC Trophy isn't an entirely new name 'round these here parts -- in fact, we've seen it twice now on two documents that have propagated the internet before their respective time. But this is the first claimed sighting of such a device, and according to Pocketnow, what we're looking at is indeed the Trophy itself, packed with Windows Phone 7. And that's about all we can say here, as there's no indication of price, release date, or if this is actually one of the many other WP7 devices HTC has cooking. At any rate, have no fear, the manufacturer's all but guaranteed to bring you numerous options from which to choose.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]
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