Motorola Droid X getting Android 2.2 update starting tomorrow

Motorola's teasing that it's "still on track for a summer launch of Android 2.2 for Droid X," and considering that tomorrow is the last day of summer (sadly), that lines up nicely with new information on Droid Life today that Moto's beast for Verizon will get blessed with the update starting tomorrow at noon Eastern Time. Verizon's actually already posted the update document, and it's a doozy: besides 2.2, you get improves visual voicemail with Bluetooth support, a refreshed mobile hotspot app, and a fix to prevent data connections from dropping as you move between WiFi and 3G coverage. Looks like you'll be able to grab this of your own accord rather than having to wait for Verizon to bless you with the OTA, so gear up and enjoy one last evening with your Eclair-based Droid X. Go ahead, take it out somewhere nice, it's treated you well.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

Update: Verizon has independently confirmed that the update is indeed available tomorrow. Good way to start your Wednesday, we'd say.