Olympus Zuiko-equipped compact camera eyes-on: optical zoom, HDMI spotted

Olympus' PR branch left us digging for details when announcing the outfit's new Zuiko-equipped camera, a concept piece that's actually on track for the real world in early 2011. It seems as if this, along with Fujifilm's FinePix X100, is carving out a new niche in the compact space. It lacks the flexibility of Micro Four Thirds / mirrorless, but it packs a bigger quality punch than any other point-and-shoot on the market. At least with this guy, though, you'll be getting an optical zoom. During our gaze session at Olympus' Photokina booth, we spotted "optical zoom" labeling as well as a toggle switch for pulling the lens in and out, and we also found an HDMI output, video record button, hot shoe accessory port and a pop-up flash. Join us as we go round and round in the video after the break. %Gallery-102945%

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