Michael Dell teases new 7-inch Android tablet, says Streak to land in Best Buy next month (update: pic)

Oh Michael, such a teaser you are. Word has it that the head honcho of Dell Inc. has just pulled out yet another Android tablet from his pocket, only this time it's a 7-inch whopper. Sadly, Mr. Dell left us high and dry with dates and specs (and the lack of photos from the event doesn't help, either), but we'll bet you that this is the long-rumored Looking Glass. On a more solid note, Dell also announced that the smaller Streak is heading to Best Buy next month. That's great, except some of us would rather see the tabletphone getting its share of Froyo sooner -- here's hoping that this bigger tablet won't disappoint us with an outdated OS.

Update: As it just so happens, Reuters snapped a pic of Mr. Dell himself holding the tablet on stage, and sure enough, it resembles that leaked Looking Glass even from quite a distance away.