Motorola exec struts Medios TV guide platform capabilities in IBC video

After seeing Motorola's sweet-looking NYXboard QWERTY remote last week, we were itching to know if the hardware was part of a bigger plan. A new video featuring exec Malcolm Latham now answers that question, highlighting several key features in the company's Medios TV guide platform. We've known that at its core the HTML-based software was created to provide a similar viewing experience across phones, TVs, and computers, but more meaty bits like cross-platform bookmarking, a content recommendation engine, and so-called "Social TV" have been revealed. We're certainly all for our devices playing together nicely and new content suggestions, but Social TV has us a bit skeptical. The idea is similar to any instant message client in that it allows your friends to know when you're on Medios and then view what exactly you're watching. Sure, there might be some value in it -- Ping is betting that's true with music, -- but the potential for getting caught watching Gossip Girl is a serious deterrent. What's worse is that your friends can then rag you about it via chat right on the screen using their handy NYXboard remote. To see where we're coming, from check out the video after the break.