NeuroSky shows off upcoming Mindwave headset, other new chip applications

We've seen plenty of applications for NeuroSky's brainwave-sensing chip already, but it looks like we're going to be seeing... more. Luckily, some of these are pretty neat. A sweat-band embedded "Thket Brain Athlete" product will allow athletes and trainers to track concentration levels through a workout or through a particular activity (a golf swing, for instance) and analyze that performance later. An iPad app (for the Japanese market, we're assured) allows you to concentrate on a girl avatar until she kisses you. Just like real life! NeuroSky itself will be selling its own Mindwave headset (a PC version of the iOS-compatible XWave) starting as soon as next month, which will be packed with a few games. Of course, the technology is still a little rough and one dimensional -- it can track attention, meditation, and blinks -- and NeuroSky is still on the lookout for the "killer app," but as it gets cheaper and more ubiquitous, we're sure to see some good come out of this nascent market. The Brain Athlete band and software should be out next month for $350, while NeuroSky's headset will retail for a much more palatable $80-$100. Check out video of both after the break. %Gallery-102931%