Panasonic Lumix GH2 and 3D interchangeable lens hands-on

Digg To say the Micro Four Thirds / mirrorless battle is heating up would be understating things greatly. It's certainly the segment getting the most focus here at this year's Photokina, and with Panasonic cranking out yet another, we don't see any signs of it slowing down. The newfangled Lumix DMC-GH2 made its official debut yesterday, bringing with it an impressive list of specifications and compatibility with an oh-so-curious 3D lens that we peeked in prototype form back at IFA. When speaking to booth representatives here in Cologne, we learned that said lens will actually save both a 3D and 2D version of each picture you take, making it a far more viable option for someone who is just looking to test the 3D waters without giving up entirely on 2D. The camera itself felt sufficiently light, but it doesn't seem much more compact than the GH1 before it. And at $900, we've got our hearts set on a bona fide DSLR -- sorry, but it's true. Anywho, hit the gallery below if you're itching for a closer look at your maybe-possibly-probably next shooter (along with glimpses at the trio of lenses that were also revealed here at the show).%Gallery-103017%