SiMo BoomCase vintage suitcase speaker rocks your androgynous hair style

Lube up the fixie and adjust your oversized glasses kids, the perfect hipster accessory for your journey of ironic self destruction has arrived. Created by the San Francisco-based Mr. SiMo, BoomCase is a series of portable speakers with batteries and headphone jacks pieced together from vintage suitcases. The one-of-a-kind case above features two main speakers and a top-side tweeter bunged into an old Samsonsite. The 8-pound case pushes a total of 30 Watts for up to 10 hours off an internal rechargeable battery when fed audio from your portable device's headphone jack. $295, that's how much. And for $20 more, Mr. SiMo will integrate a USB charger. Check the gallery for other variations although only the case above is currently for sale.%Gallery-102973%