Anssi Vanjoki on quitting Nokia: 'I didn't become the CEO. It is as simple as that'

We're really going to miss Anssi Vanjoki when he leaves Nokia in a few months. The straight-shooting Finn brings a sometimes astonishing but always entertaining level of honesty and passion to an otherwise staid consumer electronics industry. Of course, we've all been wondering why Anssi announced his resignation from Nokia so suddenly after saying in July that he was "committed, perhaps even obsessed" with taking Nokia back to the number one position in high-end devices. Easy, "I didn't become the CEO," said the 20 year Nokia veteran in an extended version of the interview first published on Tuesday. Anssi then added, "You know who the guy is it's not you... so what do you do, you stay or you leave. I decided to leave." While not regretting the decision to stick with Symbian in the last few years, he does admit that it couldn't compete with Apple's iOS or Google's Android in touchscreen smartphones -- the Symbian rewrite took (or is taking, depending upon your perspective) too long. The second problem, he says, is Nokia's absence from the US market. In particular, Silicon Valley, the "nucleus," as he calls it, for the software development behind all those "crazy apps everyone keeps talking about." Unfortunately, the 54-year-old Anssi has no future plans that he's willing to discuss. "I need a plan. My plan is to plan," he says.