Apple Peel 520 up for preorder, from the man who brought you the MicroSIMCutter

"Dear Sir or Madam," the email began, and we almost deleted it at once, but then we realized the gentleman who wrote that line was hawking the Yosion Apple Peel 520. A quick visit to his website did nothing to allay our lingering suspicions -- it appeared to be a hastily-cobbled cash-in through and through -- but still, the prospect of an iPod touch case with cellular capabilities sorely tempted our wallet. We evaded the siren call and left without attempting a purchase, but noticed on our way out several references to the practically identical website for the MicroSIMCutter. Google tells us their owners are one and the same, so if you bought one of those sim-cutting devices (not to be confused with the Cut My Sim) and got your product as promised, we suppose you're liable to get a good deal here. But if you have qualms, well -- wait for Go Solar to formally bring the product to market, or else steer clear.