Apple's MobileMe News details how iWork for iPad works with iDisk

iWork for iPad was updated yesterday with many changes, one of those being that the mobile app suite now includes integration with the MobileMeiDisk.

What does that mean for iPad users who use Pages, Numbers, and Keynote? You can save your documents to the iDisk and then open them either from the iPad or any other internet-attached Mac or Windows machine. The details were posted on MobileMe News, the blog of the MobileMe team.

Windows users can point a browser to and upload existing Microsoft Office documents. Once the documents are in the cloud, they can be opened from the iPad for viewing or editing. Once work has been completed on the documents, they can be saved back to the iDisk as iWork, Microsoft Office, or PDF files.

It would be nice if iWork for iPad also supported Dropbox or, but for the time being, it's good to see that Apple has added support for their own cloud storage solution.

[via TiPB]