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BenQ intros 23-inch XL2410 3D monitor for your stereoscopic camping delight

If you're looking to don a pair of NVIDIA's 3D Vision specs, a 120Hz monitor is your ticket to the game, and BenQ thinks that its LED-backlit variation on the familiar 23.6-inch 1080p panel is the most gamer-centric you'll find. While the base doesn't seem to swivel like the Alienware OptX AW2310 nor component video in like the ASUS VG236H, it does feature adjustable height, allegedly low input lag for split-section reaction times, not to mention a bevy of display scaling modes for VGA, DVI and HDMI. There's also the always-desirable picture by picture mode so you can have two inputs pumping out video content side-by-side; BenQ helpfully suggests you use it to entertain yourself with a movie while you wait for that perfect headshot. Boom? Find it in Europe this October, and "worldwide thereafter" at an undisclosed price. Press release after the break.

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BenQ Unveils 120Hz LED Gaming Monitor XL2410


TAIPEI, TAIWAN, September 20, 2010 – Internationally-renowned provider of digital monitors – BenQ, proudly announced the release of their 23.6" (16:9 Aspect Ratio) LED Gaming Monitor XL2410T. BenQ understands that to lead and become a true and professional gaming monitor provider, they have to understand the mindset and needs of gamers. In order to achieve this goal, BenQ co-worked with ZOWIE, a professional Gaming gear manufacturer. BenQ have ZOWIE's gamer teams join in during the product development and testing stages. With their assistance, XL2410T can truly be a professional LED gaming monitor – with a set of Gaming Display Modes which includes the FPS mode (First Person Shooting), co-developed by two legendary Counter-Strike players – Emil "HeatoN" Christensen and Abdisamad "SpawN" Mohamed.

Every serious gamer know that lag will cause you to lose a game; XL2410T is made to have a quick response to action, hardware lag will no longer be the cause for your headshots. XL2410T has a fast refresh rate of 120Hz for higher precision; a low input lag so the shots made is more in sync with the visual on-screen; a quick 2ms GTG (OverDrive) meaning users can see the edge of the enemies clearly and without motion blur, and Dynamic Contrast Ratio of 10,000,000:1 for detailed images and clarity in both darkened and brightened situations, this complemented with BenQ's gaming tuning technology becomes a huge advantage for gamers.

XL2410T has a smart design, for one purpose – to win. The monitor has two hotkeys available; the first changes the display mode: Full; Aspect; Overscan; 1:1; 17"; 19"; 19" Widescreen and 22" Widescreen. Whereas the second hotkey is Smart Scaling, which lets the users adjust picture size in original input to the screen's limit. Together with Display Mode function, users can play in the resolution size they are used to with their previous monitor, or adjust their screen size to what their teammates are using for easier communication and reference. From BenQ's Gaming Display Modes options, users can choose from FPS Mode, made possible by co-working with the gaming heroes -HeatoN and Spawn as the best setting for personal shooting games, or from the two User Game modes for more dedicated and personalized settings.

For extreme entertainment, XL2410T is the LED monitor to go for. 3D-ready (NVIDIA 3D Vision certified); Picture by Picture (PBP); connectivity values (D-sub; DVI-D-DL, HDMI) and height adjustment feature are offered for users' enjoyment and comfort. Picture by picture (PBP) is a feature that enables users to show two programs side-by-side on the screen. Feel like camping once in a while for fun? Watch a movie while you do it!

The XL2410T will be available beginning of October in Europe, worldwide thereafter. For more information, please visit