Dell's Looking Glass tablet gets another chance to shine (video)

The elusive Looking Glass might have dodged the zoom lenses yesterday, but luckily, the good folks at Oracle managed to tape Michael Dell's lightning demo (pun totally intended) with a close-up shot. From what we can see, the volume rocker is located at the top side of the tablet, right next to what could potentially be a switch for screen rotation lock or silent mode; the headphone jack appears to be on the left-hand side of the device, which makes sense -- we can't imagine this beastly device fitting into a pocket of any sorts, otherwise. Sadly, we can't confirm whether this 7-inch Android tablet uses the same PDMI port as featured on the Streak, nor can we see what's on the back -- we caught a glimpse of something shiny, but the leaked spec sheet we came across some time ago doesn't mention a back camera. Anyhow, you can catch this big daddy in action right after the break -- about 1:27 into the clip.%Gallery-103167%