T-Mobile G2 pre-orders go live for current customers, available to all on October 6

Just as promised, T-Mobile has started offering its subscribers that "exclusive access" to early G2 pre-orders. There have been a couple of early hiccups with the pre-order page for that select group, but they're being ironed out as we type and there's also word that the rest of us unwashed Android geeks will be able to join in on October 6. One of our tipsters forwarded along a bill for his purchase showing the phone to be valued at $249.99 and an estimated delivery date of September 30. That's quite the steep entry fee, considering Best Buy will have the phone on October 6 as well for just under $200 and Radio Shack is undercutting all with a $150 price on the typical two-year contract.

[Thanks, Justin and Wei]

Update: Our tipster's $250 levy is before the standard $50 mail-in rebate, making for the predictable $200 price when all's said and done.