Canon's X Mark I Mouse excites and exhilarates like few gadgets can (video)

Darren Murph
D. Murph|09.25.10

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Canon's X Mark I Mouse excites and exhilarates like few gadgets can (video)
If there's one thing you don't expect to find at Photokina, it's a mouse. If there's another, it's a calculator. In some strange twist of fate, we found both in Canon's press lounge, and we couldn't possibly be more elated. The X Mark I Mouse captured our attention early last month, and we've been searching up and down to get our hands on one ever since. Nestled gently between legions of camcorders and a few dozen printers was the gem we'd be searching for, and we didn't hesitate to clear the area for a brief hands-on. Both models were surprisingly large, which simultaneously made the calculator buttons easy to press and the mouse as a whole difficult to grasp. The harsh, sharp edges were no friend of Mr. Ergonomic, but we'd probably forgive it if that $63 MSRP fell to a more reasonable level. Be sure to thank a lack of sleep and all of the companies pouring out news at the show for the delirium that's after the break. %Gallery-103100%

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