Caption Contest: NVIDIA CEO flaunts tattoo on stage, still serving cans of whoop-ass

Oh sure, NVIDIA might not have had any physical chips to show off at the GPU Technology Conference earlier this week, but CEO Jen-Hsun Huang did have one very, very special exhibit up his sleeve.

Paul: "And below the logo is a picture of all the shipping devices running Tegra 2."
Don: "Here are the new logo designs we've been working on, Mr. Huang."
Ross: "Take a cue from Peter Moore and go with temporary. You never know where you'll be in even just a few years' time."
Chris: "Huang's Boxee Box tramp stamp, of course, would remain a secret."
Joanna: "And this is why I hate gun, er GPU shows."
Darren: "Whatever. At least it's not a Zune tattoo."
Richard Lai: "Yo Intel, this is how embedded is done."
Vlad: "Jen-Hsun's displays of support for Notion Ink are starting to get out of hand..."