Minox PX3D concept camera eyes-on at Photokina 2010

It took us a solid nine minutes of gawking at Minox's gilded DCC 5.1 in order to push through and locate the PX3D that premiered here at Photokina, but sadly, little was available other than the opportunity to snag a few glamor shots. The general idea is that this cutesy pocket camera will one day hit the market and capture 3D images that can then be viewed on-screen without 3D glasses. We're still under the impression that a parallax barrier panel will be required in order to witness the magic, but it's all still a mystery for now. It's still the most curious looking 3D camera that we've seen to date, so you can bet we'll be keeping you in the loop as this thing slowly crawls from prototype to profit maker. %Gallery-103099%