Sharp intros HDD-equipped AQUOS Blu-ray 3D players, complete with BDXL support

You won't find this trio hitting US shores anytime soon, but those situated in Japan have a new gaggle of Sharp BD decks to ogle. The BD-HDW65 and BD-HDW63 both include a pair of TV tuners, BDXL support and compatibility with Blu-ray 3D titles, with the only difference being the hard drive -- there's a 500 gigger in the former and a 320GB drive in the latter. The BD-HDS65 goes with a single digital tuner, a single analog tuner and a 500GB hard drive, which might prove useful for storing copious amounts of drama from Sky TV. You'll also find WiFi integrated throughout, not to mention an Ethernet jack, HDMI output, component jacks and DLNA support. We're told that the first two should ship in around a month, with the last fellow going on sale in Japan this November; as for pricing, we're hearing a range from ¥90,000 ($1,066) to ¥120,000 ($1,422), which ain't cheap no matter how you slice it.