Verizon's Mobile Recovery: like 'Find my iPhone,' but for VZW Android, webOS and BlackBerry handsets

Fancy the idea of having Big Brother track your handset if it goes missing, but aren't so keen on owning an iPhone, ponying up for MobileMe and signing a deal with AT&T? Fret not, fretful one, as Verizon Wireless has just launched an extension of its Total Equipment Coverage program that essentially provides the same services, but for VZW-branded BlackBerry, webOS and Android phones. The full list of compatible phones is down there in the source, and the best news is that the Mobile Recovery app is offered free of charge to those already ponying up $7.99 per month for TEC. When enabled, it will allow users to remotely lock the device, sound an alarm (solving the infamous "couch cushion" dilemma) and wipe contacts from the phone. If a recovery proves unsuccessful, the carrier will supposedly provide you with a next-day replacement, but we've got an idea that there are quite a few lines of fine print to read beforehand. At any rate, it's a lovely option to have -- particularly if you're already paying for TEC -- and it's available to download and activate as we speak.

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Verizon Wireless Adds Mobile Recovery Application To Total Equipment Coverage Program

Web- and Phone-based Application Helps Customers Locate and Secure Misplaced Devices


BASKING RIDGE, NJ - Verizon Wireless, the leading wireless company with the largest, most reliable voice and 3G data network, and Asurion, a global leader in technology protection services, today announced Mobile Recovery™, a web- and phone-based application that can help customers in the event they lose or misplace their phones. Asurion's Mobile Recovery app, now offered at no additional charge as part of Verizon Wireless' Total Equipment Coverage program on compatible devices, also enables customers to remotely lock the device, sound an alarm and wipe contacts from the phone. If the phone is not recovered, Total Equipment Coverage provides next-day replacement.

"Mobile Recovery is further evidence of Verizon Wireless' commitment to providing customers with the latest solutions for staying connected, protected and informed," said John Mara, executive director, marketing, Verizon Wireless. "Mobile Recovery helps customers keep their private information secure, preserving what matters most to Verizon Wireless: customers' privacy and their phones."

Mobile Recovery provides Verizon Wireless customers with security features, including:

* Sound Alarm – Customers trying to find a lost phone can use the "Sound Alarm" feature which triggers an alarm, even if the phone is on silent or vibrate mode.
* Locate Phone – If the phone is outside audible range, customers no longer have to retrace their steps looking for it. As long as the phone is powered on and within Verizon Wireless' coverage area, the "Locate Phone" feature uses GPS to provide the location of the missing phone, complete with a map and address, and the option to get turn-by-turn directions.
* Secure Phone – Once customers have determined their phone is lost, they can use the "Device Remote Lock" feature to prevent unauthorized use, or the "Device Remote Wipe" feature to remotely erase contacts from the device.

If customers are unable to recover their phones with Mobile Recovery, they can simply file a claim online and get next-day delivery of a replacement device. Customers can use Backup Assistant(SM), a free wireless application from Verizon Wireless available on many devices, to save a copy of the phone's address book to a secure website, allowing customers to restore their saved address books to new phones wirelessly.

Verizon Wireless reminds customers they should not attempt to retrieve their devices from any location that is not safe, unrecognized or unfamiliar. If a device has been stolen or is in an unsafe or unfamiliar location, customers should contact local law enforcement.

Pricing and Availability
Mobile Recovery is available to customers with compatible devices at no additional charge as part of Total Equipment Coverage. A list of compatible phones can be found on the Mobile Recovery website. To download Mobile Recovery, customers can text "GETMR" to 6967 which will prompt them to download the application and complete the simple account setup. Data usage charges may apply for download and use of this application. Lock functionality does not apply to data on removable memory.