WebOS 2.0 gets fresh round of screenshots; new Palm phones and Touchstone certified?

The name of certification firm TÜV Rheinland may not ring a bell, so allow us to jog your memory: these are the guys that outed the GSM versions of the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus prior to their announcement earlier this year. Hence, the interwebs are paying pretty close attention this evening now that we've found US and Canadian certifications for Palm models P102UNA and P102EWW (first unearthed by homebrew hub WebOS Internals), which -- following Palm's typical model numbering convention -- would correspond to North American GSM and CDMA versions of some new device, respectively. To put things in perspective, the P101UNA was unearthed in the certification database on January 23rd and announced for AT&T on March 22nd, so we could reasonably still have a couple months' wait on these... or a couple days. No way of knowing yet how Palm plans to play this. There's also a listing for a new "inductive battery charger," which would certainly imply a new Touchstone -- which may or may not still bear the Touchstone name.

On a related note, we've received a slew of new webOS 2.0 screen shots -- and while some of them look familiar, our eyes were drawn to the sexy new "classic" and flip-style digital clocks. Important? Not necessarily, but sometimes it's the little touches that count. Hit up the gallery for the full show (and don't forget our first batch from a few weeks back, while you're at it).

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