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BlackBerry 6 shows up on Bold 9700, Pearl 3G -- and we check it out

To the untrained eye, you might think you're looking at a garden variety Bold 9700 here -- but you'd be wrong. So wrong! It's actually running BlackBerry 6, something that no device other than the touchscreen-equipped Torch has managed to do in public (in an official capacity, anyway) so far. We're not convinced that the multiple home screen navigation bar concept translates very well here -- you've got to scroll up then left or right to move between bars, which seems like too much trouble when you can just get to your entire list of apps with approximately the same amount of effort. The WebKit browser is unquestionably a huge improvement over what BlackBerry OS 5.0 users are used to, but we still witnessed it bog down significantly when checking out ye olde standby, to the point where other UI actions in the OS were impacted. We guess it's going to take another generation of hardware or two with quicker cores (and more RAM) to fix up that stuff... hopefully. In addition to the 9700, we also checked out the re-upped Pearl 3G, which is exactly what you'd expect in practice: the same user experience, just narrower. A rep told us that the updates are expected to launch within a few weeks, though it'll depend on your carrier. Follow the break for some quick videos!